Project Description

This game design document describes details for a 2D platform game that has novel mechanics, original story and characters. Game concept and artwork is the sole property of Morgan H. McKie.


Winning submission for 2017 Wine Spectator Scholarship.



Girllee is the main character of the Grape Escape. She is a Jamaican country woman, who owns a very lucrative vineyard located in St. Cathrine, Jamaica. She is name after my late grandmother, who was lovingly nickname by her husband "Girllee".


She is a hard working individual that has single handedly created a wine empire. From sun up to sun down she is tirelessly working to make the best  "Sweet Red" to ever come out of Jamaica.


This is a 2D game, with original high quality 2D sprites. Girllee's character design was inspired by old school pinup girl ads, that I then made child friendly . Everything should be very colorful and feel alive, with highly animated scenarios and layerd backgrounds.


The music should have a Retro Caribbean style, appealing to 8 bit nostalgia but high quality. For In-Game music, I will use a more relaxed approach with happy tunes and going up in tempo as the level progressess.


Harvest season begins on a bright and beautiful day, but Girllee is racing to collect all her precious grapes before the fearsome Scarlett Hibbies devour them.

Story Progression

The game starts with short intro scene where Girllee is getting all her tools and supplies ready for the harvest. When she notices the dreaded Scarlett Hibbies making a early arrival. Then the game begins.


The first chapter is the Tutorial. This can be skipped. Here is where the mechanics of the game will be introduced. Once the player beats the tutorial s/he can advance to the first level, "Sweet Red".


In each level the objective is to collect as many grapes as possible to make a great number of bottle of the designated wine. In the case of the first level the player's objective is to collect as many red grapes as possible to make Girllee's specialty "Sweet Red".

Overall (long term): Help Girllee collect her grapes before the end of harvest season.


Gameplay (short term): Defeat the Scarlett Hibbies and collect grapes to advance to the next level.

Game Mechanics

Player Movement: Player can move left, right and jump with arrow keys.

Life Force: Player has three lives within one level.

Jumping: Player must jump from platform to platform to avoid Scarlett Hibbies and collect grapes. The player can jump on top of Hibbies to destroy them.

Achievement: Collect as many grapes has possible to make a large amount of wine.

Instant Death: When player runs into a Scarlett Hibbie s/he instantly dies.






1 - 1


At the end of each level the amount of bottles of wine the player can make is directly related to the amount of grapes collected during game play.


Marketing & Funding

I plan to prototype the first level, and launch a Kickstarter campaign where I would show the level. Then with adequate funding I would create a press kit and send it to gaming websites.


While working on the game I will start a Youtube Channel and post a development diary.


Age: 10 to 50

Sex: Everyone

Casual players

Release Date

March 2017

Click here to play a game I created using Unity Pro called "Martian Collection". This game is game mechanics is comparable to "Grape Escape".